bed breakfast inverness

bed breakfast inverness
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bed breakfast inverness
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The History of Inverness Highland Games

The date of the first gathering on the banks of the River Ness by our ancestors has been lost in the mists of time and will forever remain a mystery. What we do know is that back in 1821 the Inverness Courier reported that fundraising was taking place in the town to revive those ancient Games and to give the Capital of the Highlands a Highland Games that its townsfolk could be proud of.

Thanks to the efforts of those early fundraisers, 181 years later, the City of Inverness Highland Games is firmly established as one of the largest and most enjoyable Highland Games in the North of Scotland.

A wonderful mixture of new attractions and traditional events ensures that the City of Inverness Highland Games is always one of the highlights of any summer in the Highlands. As usual the heart of the City of Inverness Highland Games will be the traditional Heavy athletic events, the Highland Piping competitions and the Highland Dancing competitions in Bught Park.

It is often said that records were meant to be broken at the Inverness Games and it is a fact that Bught Park Stadium has seen some wonderful moments over the years.

Most of the credit for that must go to the dedicated athletes, dancers and performers who have spent years perfecting their skills in these wonderful Highland events and the families, coaches, judges and club organisers who have supported them along the way. However some of the credit must go to the enthusiastic Inverness spectators who certainly know how to support their favourites.

The roars of encouragement for the youngsters taking part in the Mini Tug of War is just as loud as those given to the Heavies as they launched the caber and that is what makes Inverness so special. To really experience a Highland Games, you have come to Inverness and sample and become part of the atmosphere It is as simple as that. As usual the Inverness Highland Games has a commitment to and will be offering new and exciting attractions for you to enjoy.

The City of Inverness Highland Games has a commitment to offering families new and exciting attractions to enjoy every year; and this year will be no exception.

Inverness was one of the chief strongholds of the Picts, and in 565 was visited by Saint Columba with the intention of converting the Pictish king Brude, who is supposed to have resided in the vitrified fort on Craig Phadrig (168 m), 2.4 km west of the city. The castle is said to have been built by Malcolm Canmore, after he had razed to the ground the castle in which Macbeth according to tradition murdered Duncan, and which stood on a hill around 1 km to the north-east.

William the Lion (d. 1214) granted Inverness four charters, by one of which it was created a royal burgh. Of the Dominican abbey founded by Alexander III in 1233 hardly a trace remains. On his way to the Battle of Harlaw in 1411 Donald of the Isles harried the city, and sixteen years later James I held a parliament in the castle to which the northern chieftains were summoned, of whom three were executed for asserting an independent sovereignty.

In 1562, during the progress undertaken to suppress Huntly's insurrection, Queen Mary was denied admittance into the castle by the governor, who belonged to the earl's faction, and whom she afterwards therefore caused to be hanged. The house in which she lived meanwhile stands in Bridge Street. The city's Marymass Fair, on the Saturday nearest August 15th, (a tradition revived in 1986) is said to commemorate Queen Mary as well as the Virgin Mary.

bed breakfast inverness